Seventh Story: Big Data & The Future of Social Media

Social Media will influence the world as it consistently becomes more digital and wireless, and divide the world into groups of people who share similar interests that don’t have to be face-to-face. Social media will continue to connect people as the world becomes more technologically developed and advanced, while reaching new age groups and minimizing the digital and generational divide. It is hard to predict the future of something so complex, but we believe that artificial intelligence will be more present and grow more intelligent, making ordering things (plus other functions) available via artificial intelligence, brands will advertised on more stories and native ads will become more prevalent and more connected to your search history. Big Data is important and a useful and vital tool from a marketing standpoint because it allows us to understand and follow trends to make a profit. Although it can be seen as manipulative and invasive by using personal data for commercial gain, Big Data is also beneficial in health care, the government, for traffic flow, voting prediction and for other platforms like Netflix and Spotify. Although it is hard to predict the future of something so dynamic and complex as social media, using what we learned in this class we make these predictions and hope to see it in the near future.

Maggie Lesmes & Annie Love


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